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Grandpa Leonard's Crabmeat Spaghetti Recipe

It's nearly Christmas.  Every year my wife's big Italian family gets together for dinner on Chrismas Eve.  It's always the same meal.  Grandpa's crabmeat pasta w/ shrimp.  Grandpa passed away a while back, but we've kept the tradition going and still work from his original recipe.   If you would like to share our tradition with your family here are the instructions: 

Using:   1 lb. pasta
½ lb. crab
¾ lb. shrimp

Preparation of Shrimp:

Place aluminum foil on bottom of broiling pan.
Raise edge of foil to form a pan to contain all juices.

Coat foil with Olive Oil.

Place shrimp on foil.

Cut about ¼ lb. butter into pats and place on shrimp.

Sprinkle shrimp with about ¼ cup white wine.

Sprinkle juice of ½ lemon over shrimp.

Sprinkle paprika over shrimp.

Sprinkle garlic powder over shrimp.

Do not broil shrimp until sauce is prepared.

Preparation of sauce:

Place 2 or 3 tablespoons of olive oil in pan.

Place ½ lb. butter in pan.

Heat gently.

Add ½ can Campbell’s Tomato Soup.

Add ¼ cup milk.

Stir mixture in pan over light heat.

Add ¼ cup white wine.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Heat mixture to slow boil – not too hot.

Add ½ lb. crab meat.

Cook about 5 minutes stirring constantly.

Add broiled shrimp with all shrimp juices.

Cook pasta.

Mix and pray.

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