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The IKEA Gaming Table

We just moved to a larger house.  With the larger house comes a big empty basement.  We planned to make this the rec area...a good place for big board games and the occasional LAN party. At our old house card and board games had to be crammed around the dining room table.  So we began the quest for a good 2nd table for the game basement.  We saw a lot of cool pub height tables at the local furniture stores, but they all ran $600+ including the chairs and some of them were still going to be a little skinny for more than 4 players.  This also seemed like a lot to spend on a table that’s only going to get used by kids craft projects and board games in the basement.  So I started researching what I could build from IKEA parts. 

I found the VIKA system on their site and did some quick measurements on desktops.  I found this VIKA Amon desktop and paired it with the VIKA KAJ legs. We used two desktops and 8 legs.  When you put the desks together you have a square just over 59” on each side.  The legs can telescope up, so you can raise the top from desk height to pub height if you want to use stools.  We are planning on using on some inexpensive office chairs to seat all the players. One bonus of using two desks like this is that when we want to have a LAN party we can split the desk in two and seat 3 players per table with their PC equipment.