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Geektip How to tell if AA batteries are still good.

You need batteries for one of your many gadgets…you stare into the abyss of the junk drawer and wonder which of the Alkaline and rechargeable AA’s are still good/charged up.  If only you had a battery tester…or a multimeter handy, that would help.  But you don’t.

Well, if you wave a Nintendo Wii, you might just have one. 


Throw those batteries in the Wii remote and flip it over.   When you tap the A button there is a brief flash on the lights.  1-4 lights.  This is telling you the charge in the batteries in 25% increments.  Once the remote connects to your Wii the light changes to indicate your player number, so you have to watch before it changes.


Looks like these were full charged when I put ‘em away.


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