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How can I find my home computer’s IP address for VNC/Remote Desktop?

You’re at school, work, a friends house and you need a file from your home computer.  Now you have remote desktop, or a VNC server set up on that machine, but you can’t remember your IP address.  Maybe, your IP address is dynamic and has changed since you last checked.
Want a quick way to find out what it is?   Install Dropbox on the home computer.  (You probably already have)
Log into and click on the Account tab.
Click on My Computers
Dropbox - Account - Simplify your life - Google Chrome_2011-12-07_13-27-08
Find your home PC or Mac in the list.
Hover over the “info” icon.
The current IP address is displayed.
If is listing that it hasn’t connected to the other machine in a while and you don’t think the IP address is current do this:
Create a small text file.  Enter some text in it.  Put it in the dropbox on the remote machine.  It will push the text file to the home computer and the IP address will update on the web.
Now just use the IP address you recovered to connect to the home machine with your favorite remote computing client.

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