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How to sync Skyrim save games across 2 computers

Skyrim doesn’t support Steam Cloud sync of save games.
Dropbox doesn’t support syncing multiple folders.  You can try to make symbolic links work to get your Skyrim saves working via Dropbox, but I think I found a better solution. I'm using Windows Live Mesh to handle the Dropbox-like duties.  This has the added benefit of not eating up your Dropbox user quota.

Here is my method.  I tested it tonight and it's working great so far.

Sign up for a Windows Live account.  You probably already have one.
Install Windows Live Mesh:
Sign into Live Mesh
Set up a new Sync Folder

You want to sync C:\Users\YourUsername\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\Saves\

Set the folder to sync your save files to SkyDrive storage.


Now go install Live Mesh on the other computer and sign in.
Your synced folder should already show up there, you just need to click on it and enable sync to the second machine.  It will ask where to put the files.  You will need to show it the save folder on the second machine. 
Now it should look like this on both machines.Greenshot_2011-11-16_17-07-40


  1. Or you could just create a symbolic link (in your dropbox folder:
    mklink /d Skyrim "%userprofile%\Documents\My Games\Skyrim"

  2. I did not get that to work though, Esben.

  3. More like this:

    mklink /d "C:\whatever\Dropbox\Saves\Skyrim" "%USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Skyrim"

    Replace C:\whatever with wherever is your Dropbox folder located.

  4. Just wanna say that live mesh synced the save games much much faster than dropbox for me.
    That's because dropbox has to upload all files to server atleast once before any lan syncing is done.
    I am guessing Live Mesh doesn't do that.