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An update on a few titles I've been playing as of late.

Darksiders - picked up at Best Buy on clearance.  Was a lot of fun at first, but I just got bored about an hour into it.  I'll probably get past this mental block at some point.  It's a good game, and runs great on my current PC.  Scratches the God of War / Legend of Zelda itch. 

Fallout New Vegas - I've been playing off and on since Christmas...I keep coming back to it.  I'm probably 20 some hours into this one.  Minecraft came along and ruined my life.  I will eventually get back and finish this.  I've met with Mr House, and now have veered off on side missions before I finish the main plot line. Many of my Fallout 3 gripes seem fixed in NV.  I still have an occasional crash, but they're not very frequent.  Wish my save files synced correctly between desktop & laptop. 

Minecraft - Have a small server with a handful of friends.  Still having fun with it.  Can't upgrade the server to 1.9 until they get the CPU usage bug fixed.  I'm looking forward to the retail release. 

Atom Zombie Smasher - I got this in a humble bundle, lots of fun, but frustratingly difficult.  Good arcade-style game when you have 5 minutes to burn. 

Batman: Arkham City - This has been excellent so far.  It's nearly a perfect game.  Most of the gripes of backtracking or weird controls from Arkham Asylum are fixed, and the new open city is really fun to explore.  Story and sound are great.  I'm playing through on XBox 360.  I'm up through the Wonder City.  We will see where it goes from here.  I strongly recommend you pick this one up if. 

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