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30 days to PAX

It’s only 30 days until The Penny Arcade Expo East in Boston.  Not time to pack, but time to start the pre-trip checks.  Here are random thoughts.

  • Start a PAX e-mail folder, keep your receipts and confirmations there. 
  • Monitor the @Official_PAX twitter, or the PA news page, when they say tickets are getting low, time to check your receipts again to make sure you ordered the right number and everything went through.
  • Verify your hotel & airline reservations are on the right dates. Also a good time to start putting your itinerary into your phone calendar or gcal or outlook.
  • Check with your airline and figure out what your baggage allowance is, and if you will have to pay for additional checked bags.  Checked bags can cost $30-50 each way, so you may want to be packed in just carry-on luggage. Sometimes the fees are cheaper if you book the bags in advance instead of the day of the flight.
  • Make sure your time off requests are approved at work.
  • Print any vital documents, tickets, receipts, or reservation info to PDF, stick it in your Dropbox or e-mail, if you need it on the trip, you can find somewhere to print it out or pull it up on a phone or laptop.  (or I suppose you can be boring and print it out now and carry it with you)
  • Register for community events on the forums. Activities like the Pre-PAX Breakfast, Dinner, Pub Crawl, Mystery Tour, and other parties will start popping up.
  • Start the PAX Pile somewhere in your house.  This is where you start accumulating things like your handheld games, cartridges, card decks, travel entertainment, books, cameras, batteries, memory cards, etc.
  • Get on Google Maps, look up your hotel and the convention center . Pull up street view and get an idea of your surroundings.
  • If you need any travel funds, now is the time to trade in games, or sell old hardware on ebay.
  • Get some contact info cards ordered. Try Jakprints, Moo Myminicards, or any number of business card printers.
  • Get your travel bag, suitcase, backpack, or Indiana Jones satchel out of storage and put it with the start of your PAX Pile.

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