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Fallout: New Vegas– Why has the Caesar marked me for Death?

I’m about few hours into New Vegas and I found myself in the middle of a scripted event where I was attached by a pair of Caesar’s Legion assassins.  They deliver a little speech about how the Caesar has marked me for death, blah blah blah.  It seemed a little early in the game to have two higher level assassins jump me, &I wondered why my reputation had suddenly jumped from 0 to Vilified status with the Legion.  I had only killed 3 or 4 Legion goons on my trip to Novac.  So while setting up my hotel room in Novac, I realized what must have happened.  When I was coming up the road past the Wolfhorn Ranch at the top of the hill, I met a trader caravan and we were attacked by Legionaries.  I killed them and looted the bodies…using the “Take all” command.  It turns out that when I was stashing loot in the hotel in Novac, I saw I had been carrying a Legion Ear in my inventory.  One spawned on one of the fallen Legion soldiers and I picked it up by accident.  Taking grisly trophies must have earned me vilified status instantly.  I reloaded an earlier save, killed way more same CL goons, never saw another ear, I only took their weapons and food, none of their armor…and I still have 0 status with them according to my PIP-Boy.


Peparing for PAX East

The Penny Arcade Expo East is only 2.5 months away right now. I have my tickets and hotel room booked, but am still sorting out travel arrangements.

The first time you travel there, the cost and complexity of booking travel can be intimidating. Here are a couple of suggestions.

Create an account with Kayak or Bing and track air fare deals there. My favorite comparison engine is ITA Matrix. They are the software folks who power most of the big travel shopping sites, but the Matrix on their site is able to do very flexible searches.

Get on the Penny Arcade forums and read the PAX section. There are a lot of great people there and they're providing a lot of good travel tips and will point out good deals when they see them.

Consider taking the train. Moe Fwacky on the forums has organized a great thread that helps to get you on the right train with other PAX folks. Book a ticket, meet some people, and get an extra day of gaming in on the Eastern Train Alliance.