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PAX East 2010, Day 1

Today is the start of Day 2 of PAX East.  I’m sitting in my hotel room, planning breakfast, and waiting until closer to 10am when the doors to the expo center will open. 

Yesterday was a big day.
Woke up at 5:30AM. 
Dropped kids at daycare.
Drove 2 hrs to Indianapolis Airport. (cheaper tickets there)
Flew 2 hrs to Boston.
Took hotel shuttle to the Lenox.
Checked in, dropped off bags, ate granola bars.
Walked 2 blocks and got into the PAX East entrance line.
I was in the door at the convention by 2:45.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make the cutoff for the Wil Wheaton keynote.  So I just headed up to the Bring Your Own Computer LAN and set up my rig.  (Some friends drove to the expo and brought it with them)  I walked around the expo, and checked out the vendor expo hall.  Nothing spectacular there, but I’m pretty jaded because I already work with a bunch of tech vendors.  If someone had never been to a trade show, they may have been pretty impressed.

Our group attended the Nvidia launch event for their new graphics processor.  They did a pretty cool 3d demo across 3 monitors, but the dialogue was a bit rough.  It came off as unrehearsed and felt like they were trying to dumb stuff to appeal to kids who want to blow crap up.  (The slogan of the event “Crank that S#!t Up”)

I got to meet MC Frontalot and bought a CD and poster and got them signed.

I spent a couple of hours in the BYOC LAN playing games.

I visited Foam Brain games and bought a copy of “We Didn’t Playtest This at All” the card game after playing a brief demo.

I tried to hang on until 1:00AM for the MC Frontalot show, (concerts were running over on time) but I was just too tired.  I hung out and heard a little of Metroid Metal, and then headed back to the hotel and crashed.

So far I’m only hearing two real complaints about the show so far. 
1. The queue line for events in the main theatre is very long, because the theatre at this venue only holds 4,000.  Rumor has it that next year’s event will be at a bigger venue that has a larger main stage area.
2.  The BYOC LAN is having problems with their connection to the internet.  Games w/o LAN hosting modes are not running well.  Modern Warfare 2 is the big example.  I’ve been playing L4D2 with no problems. 


PAX East 2010 entry 1

I’m sitting here waiting on my clock to say it’s time to go.  In about 25 minutes, I’ll be able to leave the house, drop my daughter at day-care and begin the 2.5hr drive to Indianapolis to board my flight to Boston for the Penny Arcade Expo.  My comrades from work already began their drive to PAX East last night after work.  Right now they’re driving icy roads on I-84 in New York, heading to the Connecticut line.

I sent my LAN party computer ahead in the back of their SUV.

I’m pretty nervous and excited right now. 
This is the first time in my adult life I’ve taken a vacation on my own.  I’ve always either been with my parents, or with my wife and family.  I’ve never flown alone before.  I’m not nervous about the flying part, that’s a breeze, it’s the whole planning thing.  I get uptight about delayed flights, connections, taxis, detours, flat tires…that sort of thing.  Mainly I’m just super-excited to go to PAX.  I’ve always wanted to go to PAX Prime on the West coast, and I’m so glad that I’m attending the first PAX East.

So…here I sit.  Bags packed, car ready.  Kids snoozing for 5 more minutes.