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Torchlight performance on Intel Laptop integrated graphics

Torchlight 2010-01-11 13-01-26-34
I picked up a retail box copy of Torchlight yesterday.  I was excited to hear it supported low end graphics and system requirements as it might be a nice game to waste a lunch hour on my laptop.  I was disappointed with how choppy NWN2 was on my laptop. 
Well, I wasn’t disappointed.  Torchlight seems like a really fun game for the $20 price point.  I had a few hiccups installing it, because I thought the installer had hung on my desktop machine.  It turns out that you just need to let the installer churn away for 2-3 minutes and everything installs correctly.  I’m guessing the delay is some kind of DRM disc validation.  I don’t really mind since once it installed, you don’t have to have the CD in the drive anymore. 
I was concerned that I’d have to dial the graphics back for Torchlight to be playable on my Satellite, but it turns out it works just fine.  I did not have to use the “netbook” mode that adjusts the draw distances and camera for small screens and poor graphics chipsets. 
I was able to run Torchlight at my native resolution with most of the eye-candy enabled and still get a pretty steady 30FPS out of it using these settings:
 Torchlight 2010-01-11 12-38-24-13
Note that I turned VSync on.  I had some jagged screen / tearing problems until I turned it on.  It didn’t seem to cause any performance penalty.
I benchmarked using FRAPS in the first floor dungeon with several enemies on screen. FRAPS reported my minimum framerate was 32, maximum was 38.

Here are a couple of screenshots.  The yellow number in the corner is the FRAPS framerate.
Torchlight 2010-01-11 13-02-35-19 Torchlight 2010-01-11 13-02-12-44

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