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Game Storage – an alternative to DiscSox

A few months back Tim from CAD Comic posted a nice review of some DVD storage sleeves called DiscSox from MM Design.  I really liked the idea.  I thought the DiscSox look great, but they seemed a bit pricey, and are only available via their website.  They also didn’t seem to be a standard form factor, so I was concerned that they might not fit in storage boxes that weren’t from MM Design.  I wanted a cheaper more generic solution. 
Last week while I was in Target I found these sleeves in the CD Storage area. 


They’re made by Atlantic, and are about $12 for 20pcs.  A little cheaper than the MM Design product.  I’m sure if you searched online, you might be able to find them even cheaper somewhere else. Unfortunately, Target only has them in colored multipacks.  I would have preferred them to all be clear.

I gave them a shot and have started putting my PC games in them instead of keeping the DVD cases around.  So far they’re working pretty well and I like how much I’ve been able to reduce the shelf space taken up by the games.

While the MM Design sleeves seem to be a one piece design, these are two pieces, an outer sleeve and a disc insert. 


I’m not ready to move all our DVD’s to them.  But I think I’m going to keep these around for my PC stuff.  I like that I can store manuals and license cards in the sleeve, that was one drawback to the paper CD sleeves I’ve been using for older discs.

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  1. Thanks for the info! I was looking for something like this.