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Crimson Skies on 4500MHD Integrated Graphics

I pulled one of my old favorites out of the games pile for this test.  Crimson Skies for Windows was a great game, but overlooked by most.  You can occasionally find it in Microsoft Classics collections.  I got mine in an “action pack” with Starlancer and another game.

I used to run this on my old desktop Geforce 5200, so no it’s no surprise that it runs fine on most modern integrated graphics chips these days. 

I tested this one will all the settings on max, and it worked fine and played smoothly.  I plugged in my Xbox360 wired controller and all the controls automatically mapped correctly.


Crimson Skies age shows, but it’s still good fun.  I was also surprised that even though it’s an old win95/98 game, it installs and plays on Vista with no problems or patches needed.



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