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Laptop Gaming – Guild Wars

Tonight’s test involved another trip to The Big Bin of Games I Forgot I Bought (tm).  I pulled out my old copy of Guild Wars (now called Guild Wars Prophecies).  I installed it, and ran a largish update for about 20 minutes or so to bring my installation up to date.  This one runs just fine on the integrated 4500MHD graphics on the laptop.  I was able to crank the visual effects slider all the way up, and had no problems playing the game at all.  The frame rate was smooth, and everything looked great.  This game’s visual engine seems to be very efficient, and still looks pretty good even considering it’s age. I would recommend using a mouse for this one, as playing MMO’s with a trackpad seems like a bit of a nightmare to me.

Test settings:


Screenshot to show relative quality:



Crimson Skies on 4500MHD Integrated Graphics

I pulled one of my old favorites out of the games pile for this test.  Crimson Skies for Windows was a great game, but overlooked by most.  You can occasionally find it in Microsoft Classics collections.  I got mine in an “action pack” with Starlancer and another game.

I used to run this on my old desktop Geforce 5200, so no it’s no surprise that it runs fine on most modern integrated graphics chips these days. 

I tested this one will all the settings on max, and it worked fine and played smoothly.  I plugged in my Xbox360 wired controller and all the controls automatically mapped correctly.


Crimson Skies age shows, but it’s still good fun.  I was also surprised that even though it’s an old win95/98 game, it installs and plays on Vista with no problems or patches needed.




Intel 4500MHD – Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising

I got a copy of this game free with a video card a while back. I decided to throw it on the Toshiba and see if the integrated graphics could handle it.  Initial tests were pretty bad.  Even on low setting sthe game was choppy.  I then realized that I should probably run the updater.  I downloaded some updates that apparently fix some Vista and graphics card issues, and then tried again.  The game autodetected the graphics chipset, and I accepted the recommended settings and the game seems to run fine.  I didn’t bother setting up an account and trying to play on the MMO servers, but I did run some of the tutorial missions that have bunch of AI players in them, and they all ran fine. 

Settings used:






Gaming on Intel 4500MHD – Neverwinter Nights 2

I recently upgraded laptops to a new Toshiba Satellite with the Intel 4500MHD integrated video chipset.  I know this is a budget graphics solution.  I’ve also noticed a lack of info available on what will or won’t run on it.  So, I’m going to document which games I’ve tried that do or don’t work here on my blog.  First up is Neverwinter Nights 2.  I was disappointed at first, but with some tweaks it intially seems playable.  Try the settings below.  I found it runs better in a smaller window, rather than in a full screen mode.  Low resolution modes look bad stretched across a widescreen monitor, so I found using 800x600 windowed is a pretty good compromise. 
NWN2_graphicsI have not tested a level with lots of enemies, yet, but the initial festival level seems to play smoothly.  I might be able to raise some of the quality options later, but haven’t tested it yet.
nwn2_cutscene nwn2cap NWN2_req