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Managing my Media Mess, DIY CD/DVD Storage

One of my current home projects is reorganizing my desk.  My main goal is to get my currently cluttered desk area to a more minimalist state.  I’m planning on moving to a much simpler flat desk in the near future, so I’m trying to find simpler solutions so that I don’t need cubbies, organizers, and cases around anymore. 
The first problem to tackle was how to organize the large amount of CD’s and DVD’s that were scattered about in various cases and organizers. 
I started at Wal-Mart.  I picked up a Snap-Lock CD storage box and a 100 count box of Paper CD/DVD sleeves.  The box was $5 and the sleeves were about $4.50.
The box comes packed flat, and you just snap it together and put the lid on it.  The package says it’ll hold up to 150 discs in paper sleeves.
I started with a collection of discs in these organizers:
and ended up with this:
I’ve grouped my discs by type, and used individual sleeves with the tabs flipped up as section dividers.
If you don’t have enough discs to fill the whole tray, you can use an empty case as a bookend like this:
Right now I have about 85+ discs in the box. I think it is much more attractive than my old disc cases and binders.  I’m going to label the end and store it on my bookshelf.
I’m storing all the nicer jewel cases, liner notes, manuals and boxes in a copier paper box that I can put in my garage or attic.  For games or software that required CD keys I wrote them on the sleeves.
I’m planning on copying all the music CD’s in the house to iTunes and then moving the discs to a second box like this in the near future to free up some shelves.

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