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Burn Disc T@2 using a Labelflash Drive and Free Software

I've found a bunch of forum threads trying to figure out which software still supports the discontinued Yamaha Disc T@2 format. (Disc Tattoo) Labelflash is a new technology that is competing with LightScribe. It's featured on many Toshiba laptop and many DVD Burners. Labelflash is based on the Disc T@2 tech from Yamaha. The advantage of Disc T@2 is that it works on the data side of regular media, you don't need special Labelflash discs. While it's not promoted, you can still use the Disc T@2 features on current Labelflash burners. You just need software that still supports it. While some European versions of Nero support T@2, there is almost no freeware with support for it. I spent a good amount of time researching T@2, and I finally found a free solution.
Here are the steps to enjoy Disc T@2 support on your Labelflash drive:
You need a DVD+R or DVD-R with data already burned to it. (It's not supported on CD or DVD-RW) You need to leave about 900MB-1GB free for the images. I'm not sure whether you have to leave the disc open or finalized. I think you should not finalize it.
You need a DVD-RW drive with Labelflash support.
Go to and download the Labelflash Index Maker.
See that little asterisk? Read the fine print: "(*1) It is possible to etch on intact areas of the recording side. However, in this case, image visibility may be poor."
  • Download the LIM zip file and unzip it.
  • Run the executable.
  • Insert your already burned disc.
  • Click the "Scan Disc" button. This will import your folder / file info from the disc into suggested fields for the disc. You can edit this info to your liking.
  • Select a template in the upper left drop down menu. For my test disc I used "ocean". It has to be one of the "outer edge" only templates.
  • Push the "Config" button. Check the Disc T@2 button. This generated an error for me until I picked a compatible template.
  • Hit the "OK" button to burn your disc.

Here are some quick pictures of the disc I tested today.


  1. snazzy

    I'm hoping crossflashing the ASUS DRW-24B1LT To Lite-On iHAS524

    will allow me to use BOTH





  2. Hey there, thank you so much for the step by step instructions. It's really too bad that Yamaha discontinued Disc T@2. I've been using it a lot and was quite lost as to what to do now, so thanks a lot! :)