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iPhone 3G S Battery Woes

I got my new iPhone 3G S on launch day last week.  I've been very happy with the speed and new features, but not so happy with battery life.  First I thought the reduced life was just due to having 3G access, but the last couple of days I've been watching closer, and started to suspect a problem.

Last night I ran the phone down to 10% charge.  I put it on the wall charger overnight.  I had a full charge at 7AM.  So, today starting with a 100% charge, I was down to 34% by 2PM.  I had used the iPod function for about an hour, made one call, and checked e-mail and twitter 2 or 3 times.   I was on WiFi most of the morning, no 3G data use.

So I called Apple support to tell them this seemed like it was draining too fast.  While I was on hold between the Tier 1 and 2 tech support guys, my charge dropped from 34% to 11% in less than 15 minutes.  Apple Support agreed that something was wrong.

The only options they had for me was to drive 2 hours to an Apple Store, or to send the phone back. They offered an advance replacement for $29 or a normal replacement where I'd have to send the phone in and wait 6 days or so for it to come back.

I told them I thought this was a problem given that the phone was 4 days old, and I wasn't willing to be without the phone for a week.  I finally got them to agree to waive the $29 fee and send a replacement out.  I still had to give them a credit card to cover the replacement phone in case I don't send it back.

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