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How to beat Azetlor The Collector in Ghostbusters: The Game

I got stuck on Azetlor, the Collector Ghost, in the Ghostbusters PC game for almost an hour.
I've heard a lot of people say they quit playing at this boss, don't give up.  I'll show you the strategy for beating him (spoiler warning)
The boss battle is broken into 3 stages. The first two are pretty obvious, since your teammates tell you what to do.
A couple of tips first:
Keep your distance. The Collector's shockwave attack will knock you down instantly, and it takes a moment to recover, he tends to send bursts of these, so you need to keep moving or he'll put you on the ropes. Use your sideways dodge and sprint to get out of the way. His base is a swirling cloud of debris, if it hits you, you're probably down for the count, so keep away from it.
If your teammates fall, don't try to help them up if Azetlor is nearby...he'll hit you both with his swirling base.
He's faster than he looks. Use the portals in the room to your advantage. Each portal takes you to the one directly across from it.
  1. Nullify the Black Slime on Azetlor's mask.
    This is one of the reasons you should have purchased the pressure upgrade for your slime pack. It'll help you hit him from farther back so you have time to dodge the Black Slime shockwave attack he sends out.
  2. Recovery / Remove the Mask.
    The Collector's mask will flash when the black slime dissolves. Quickly vent your pack and switch to capture beam. You need to pull his mask off. Your teammates will snare his arms so you can pull the mask. If your health is low or one of your teammates is down, hold the capture beam for a bit and wait for you/them to recover. If you have recently vented your pack, you can hold him a good while before you risk overheating. While connected to the mask, back up as far as you can before you tap the "slam" button.  This will give you some distance because once you pull the mask off Azetlor will go into full offensive mode. As soon as the mask comes off head for one of the two diagonal portals in the back corners of the room.
  3. Attack & Evade using Portals
    Now you just need to break him down using the Proton Pack. The only thing that will damage him is hitting his green eye. Try using fully upgraded Boson Darts to wear him down quick. Azetlor is going to take rush whomever is damaging him. Don't expect your teammates to last very long. When he starts heading for you, aim above the eye, and fire a Boson Dart. Hopefully, since he's rushing you, he'll glide right into it. You cannot outrun him or his Black Slime pulse attack. When he gets anywhere near you, turn and dash through the portal.

    You will exit on the far corner of the room. If you ran headfirst into the portal, you'll be facing Azetlor's back and can line up a shot as he turns to chase you. You should be able to get 1-2 Boson Dart hits in before he gets close. Turn and run through the portal when he charges, or if he uses the Black Slime wave. Do not enter a portal if he's standing near the exit. Don't try to resurrect your teammates unless they're very close to a portal, you'll just get hit with the wave when you're helping them. Ignore the Book Bats that may attack. If you're firing Boson Darts at the boss, the bats will probably get hit with the Boson explosion if they fly into the path of your shots. You do not need to trap The Collector, he's just going to blow up when you take his last notch of health, so keep firing. Azetlor2BosonDart


  1. This boss is particularly horrible. :/ Thanks for the tips on the Attack & Evade bit. They help a lot.

  2. I updated this posted with some screenshots today.

  3. I'm playing on medium difficulty and just cannot kill this guy. The portals don't really seem to help because if you use them to evade his long range attacks, you usually emerge right next to him and die.

    I also hate the way that it is possible to get "stuck" on the edge of a portal and be completely unable to move.

    I am all for a challenging boss and putting the time in to beat them, but this one seems ridiculous compared to other games that had tough bosses. At least with those you could develop some tactics and get closer and closer to success over time. With this guy it just seems random how long I survive. I'm about ready to snap the disc in two!

  4. You're hopping into the portal too early. You need to jump in right before he reaches you. He'll have to turn and cross the room again. Fire off one or two shots and then go back through. The idea is to have him close to your entrance portal so that when you pop out the other side, he's on the far end of the room. (near the portal you just entered)

  5. Thanks for the tip about the portals. Never noticed them. I beat him on easy and medium, but on proffesional he's unstoppable. After reading this I think i'll give it another go.

  6. im fighting him in professional mode. drive u crazy! hahahhaahha. still fail to defeat him. demmit.