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Cheap & Easy PSP Headrest Mount installation

After trying a couple of solutions, I found a pretty easy way to hook up my PlayStation Portable for backseat viewing in my car. 
Some people may ask why I'm using a PSP for in-car video.  I already had the PSP.  PSP hard shell protectors are easy to find.  I was a bit afraid that my 2yr old might kick DVD screen.  I don't have to carry discs in the car for the PSP.  I already have all the kids movies converted and stored on an 8GB memory card.   
I first tried mounting the PSP to the back of the center console.  I found that the texture of the plastic on my KIA Soul didn't take to removeable 3m adhesive or velcro well, so I gave up on that idea.  I ended up fastening the PSP mounting bracket from the kit directly to the headrest slide bars. 
You can get the PSP cradle and mount here: 
You won't need the extra mounting hardware, but you may want to keep it for use in another vehicle.
Then just use zip ties (or velcro straps) through the loops on the mount like this:

Then slide the headrest down gently.  Make sure you don't tighten the zip ties too much until you've made sure you're not going to pull to hard on the cradle.  You don't want to crack the loops that hold the zip ties.
PICT0039 PICT0037
Insert the PSP into the spring clips on the cradle and you're ready to go.  I recommend sliding the power button into the lock position so the kids don't bump the buttons and turn things off.
I keep a car power adapter handy for charging the PSP when needed.  You can also use headphones and the inline headphone remotes for older kids.  They remotes are easy to find at used game stores.
I'm using a Transcend MicroSD to Memory Stick Pro Duo adapter in the memory card slot on the PSP.  I keep a 8GB MicroSD card loaded up with kids shows.

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  1. I realize this post is over a year old, but this is exactly what I was looking for to make our upcoming road trip bearable, so thank you! I'm going to do what you suggest, and then use an FM Transmitter so the sound comes through our car speakers since our two year old won't keep headphones on for anything. Thanks again!