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Custom Dice!

IMG_2612, originally uploaded by macrogeek.

I had custom dice made yesterday. I had e-mailed Chessex on Friday to ask for a quote and how long it would take to get them done. I full expected to hear a several week lead time. Monday morning, I got an e-mail with an attached picture of a proof of the design I asked for. By 10AM I had ordered them, and they were ready for pick up by early afternoon. (I'm lucky to live within driving distance of their headquarters)

I had these made as a signature item / geotoken for geocaching. I wanted something unique to drop into caches that I find, and since I'm a gamer. I decided to do dice. Plus these fit into most micro caches nicely. FireConvoy is my username on and the Groundspeak forums. The "Gx" logo is the public domain geocaching symbol.

I was really impressed with how fast Chessex turned these around. Also the cost wasn't prohibitively expensive, and you can order small quantities. If you wanted a poker chip or something similar customized, you have to usually order 500 to 1000.

This first run was 26 pieces, half Vortex Burgundy and half Vortex Blue.

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