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PNY 9800GT Noise Issues

I picked up a PNY 9800GT 1GB XLR-8 edition video card just after Christmas.  I was looking to upgrade my video card, and Best Buy had them on sale pretty cheap, so I grabbed on. 
Performance was great, and I was really happy with it to begin with, but it always kind of nagged me that it was so loud.  There were no fan control options in software, so I couldn't turn the fan down, it just ran at 100% all the time.  

I moved my PC to a new Antec Three Hundred this week (not because of the card...just because I wanted a nicer case).  I was kind of hoping that more airflow would help, and maybe the card would automatically slow down the fan, but no such luck. 

I contacted PNY support and they told me that I should return the card to the place of purchase or call a number they provided to swap it out.  I was able to get Best Buy to swap it even though I was 2 days outside the return period.  I got the new card, and lo and behold, this one has a better cooler on it. 

I wish I had a shot of the old cooler, because then it would be easier to explain.  
The original one was thick, and it had a translucent blue shroud down near the power connector side of the card.  It's also easily identifiable because it attaches to the card with 4 large screws that protrude into the slot directly above the graphics slot.  This means you can't fit an expansion card in that slot, and it might hit your northbridge cooler.  

The new design is very slim, and very quiet.  It seems to have a larger contact surface, and it's fitted to the card with flush mounted screws.  This one is nearly inaudible.  I launched the NVidia control panel, and this one supports full fan controls if you have the user overclock / fan utilities enabled. 

So, if you're going to buy one of these cards, you want the one with the black cooler below, not the blue cooler with the black sticker: 


  1. Have you played with the Sandisk E200 series mp3 players at all? I just picked up an E250 refurbished at for $25. 2GB flash memory with an SDHC slot on it. Should be shipping soon.

  2. Yes. My kid had one as his first mp3 player. They're pretty capable especially at that price. I think we paid like $120 for his back then. Audio quality is good, it supports Rhapsody and Napster's extra features. Video playback is more for short clips and not full length video, and is only 20fps, but it's still a cool feature on a small MP3 player. The only complaint I had with it was that the thumb wheel has a rough texture I didn't like. It's cool because it supports syncing using their software, or generic Windows Media Player sync, or drag and drop. I tend to use smart playlists for my sync, but the kid likes dragging and dropping each song.

    Since this player supports Windows Media DRM, you may want to check out SpiralFrog. I used to use them with my Zen Vision M. They'll give you free WMA songs because there are ads on the download pages, but you have to use a device that supports WMA DRM.

  3. Cool. Thanks for the tips. It's still in the shipping process. I'm hoping it shows up soon.