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Speed-Link Medusa 5.1 Headphone Unboxing Pics

My new 5.1 headset arrived from the UK today.  Here are pics from the unboxing ceremony.

The box was double wrapped in bubble wrap and a waterproof bag. The airtight bag must have concerned border security, because the box had been flagged to be X-Ray scanned. 

I was a little concerned at first, because the paperwork in the invoice pouch smelled like cigarette smoke.  I was going to be PO'ed if the box and headphones smelled like smoke.  Luckily, it was only the shipping receipt that stunk.  I'm guessing the shipping person must smoke in their office.  Everything inside the plastic bag was fine.

Medusa-USA shipped via FedEx International Priority for only $15. The box came in 2 days once it shipped.  I ordered on Friday afternoon and had the package by 3PM on Tuesday.

photo (3)

Mmmmm, bubble wrap.  We'll save that for later popping enjoyment. 

photo (2)

Oh no kids, we can't play with our headphones yet, there's another very sturdy inner box.

photo (1)

I was pretty surprised to see the fancy inner packaging.  Classy. 
The preamplifier / stand is under the manual on the left.
The white box on the right contains the US power adapter.  There is a black box under the headphone tray that contains all the cables and a European power adapter.



I had the headphones set up in about 10 minutes, including crawling under my desk to find an open outlet and setting up the outputs in the Gigabyte audio control panel.  I plan to tweak my settings for a week or so and then post a full review with more pictures.

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  1. Keep up the good work. :)