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New Gaming Headphones, GameCom 777

I picked up some new gaming headphones yesterday. I debated dropping much money on them, but I realized that I log quite a few of my gaming hours wearing heaphones lately, so they might be a worthwhile purchase. I used to do all my PC listening on a set of Creative Labs 2.1 speakers, but now I have a 2-yr old in the house who has to go to bed early, and I can't be waking her up with scary noises from Left 4 Dead. I also play a lot of TF2 and L4D and use voice chat in both.
So I headed off to Best Buy and after a half hour researching the offerings on my iPhone, I picked up the Plantronics GameCom 777 headset.

I gave it whirl last night. I hooked it up using the USB dongle audio interface, and put them through their paces. MP3's sounded good. The Dolby Heaphone effect sounds nice. I noticed that the stereo field sounds "wider" than before, and that the seperation of the instruments sounded clearer on these 'phones than my old Logitec headset. Highs are crisper, and the drivers are better, so they have good bass response. I really just noticed that the midtones didn't sound muddy on these like they did on the other USB headset.

I played a little Left4Dead and TF2, but didn't have a chance to really critically listen to the environmental noises to see if I could tell a huge difference. I know the sound quality was better, but I really want to do some critical listening and see what I think of the "headphone surround" effect. Stereo positioning has been very helpful in L4D, and I want to see if having the Dolby interface makes things better. Yes, I'm aware these aren't a true multi-driver surround headset, but if I want true surround, I'll use my desktop speakers.

I'm going to compare these to my other USB headset, and a pair of Audio-Technica headphones that I have. I'll write a full review as I have time.

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