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Moving to Apple Mail, (

My work computer was switched over to OS 10.5 a couple of days ago.  We migrated from an older 3rd party e-mail client to Apple Mail, aka  I've been digging on the web for some good lifehacks & GTD methods for the new client.  Unfortunately, it seems that most people are using third party addins like MailTags to add some functionality, and in the corperate environment, I'm not allowed to purchase or add new software to the machine.  So far I've found SmartFolders to be the best thing to help me get organized.  I used these examples from 43Folders to get started:

I think it's going to take a few more days to get my feet back under me on the new client.  I have a lot of habits that were organized around the old client, which had very poor search capabilities, and some non-standard hotkeys.  I guess I must unlearn what I have learned. 

I am caught back up to Inbox Zero that's good.  I just need to process through the pile of items that have collected in my actionable items folders during the switchover. 

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  1. I've had luck with using one smart folder called "Process Me!" that pull in mail from my inbox. I have 2 accounts setup to allow my wife and I to both access email on my iPhone, so the Inbox will through me into both accounts making me process her email quite efficiently (so much that she never gets to see it...). This is just user error-I know!

    We use Gmail at Work, so I found that I needed to mod the Gmail IMAP Settings using a Google Labs plugin to show or hide folders that I didn't use or want showing up in

    I'm down to the following folders:
    @Action Required
    @Waiting For

    My inbox is simple my "Process Me!" Smart folder.