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Macrumors live feed Hacked during 2009 Macworld Keynote

I was watching MacRumors live coverage of the Macworld 2009 Keynote yesterday. I'm guessing they were doing their posts via some kind of e-mail or SMS post system. It looks like someone, possibly some of the pranksters over at 4Chan figured out the posting system and were feeding their own fake news into the system so it displayed in the feed just like the legit posts.
MacRumors caught on pretty quick, probably within 5 minutes or so, and when they realized they couldn't stop it, they shut the feed down and redirected MacRumorsLive back to the MacWorld homepage, and then later back to While the hackers were exploiting the page, they managed to post that Steve Jobs had just died, and drop a few links into the feed.

I did manage to grab a screenshot just before MacRumors shut down the feed and put the redirect up:
(click for larger version)

JakeBrown.TV also got a screenshot just after my own, but before the feed was shut down.
the hackers got a little more out of hand before MacRumors Live pulled the plug. Screenshot courtesy of Jake:

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