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KARR Returns to Knight Rider

This week's episode of the new 2008 Knight Rider series gave us the return of a classic villain from my childhood, KARR. 
I know fans of the new show had been eagerly awaiting the full reveal of the new KARR design.  There was a lot of speculation regarding what kind of car he would be, and what the "exoskeleton" design would look like.  The exoskeleton mode was revealed earlier this season in a schematic view, but it was pretty hard to see details. 
Well, here are some screen grabs from Episode 12.  Spoilers ahead.
KARR's vehicle mode revealed to be the same as KITT, just like the original.  KARR has the amber scanner bar like the second design used for the original series.
KARR's exoskeleton mode is revealed.
KARR forces Torres to act as his new pilot.  He refers to this process as "becoming one".  It is implied that KARR is able to overpower the driver's mind.
I heard a lot of people complaining that KARR was too easily defeated and were surprised that Torres wasn't exploded in the fight.  I agree the fight should have taken longer, but watching the scene again, it makes more sense.  KITT harpoons KARR's cockpit.  The grapple opens inside the compartment with Torres, when KITT passes KARR he rips the cockpit cover and chest armor off.  This screenshot shows how Torres fell free / or was pulled out, I couldn't tell which.  Either way, if you watch, KARR has his insides exposed and no pilot when KITT turbo boots through his chest.  

I think the point of this episode was to give us a quick sampling of the new version of KARR.  I'm sure he'll get rebuilt.  Remember how banged up KITT is at the end of the episode and how quickly he's able to heal using his nanotech systems.
(All images in this post are screen grabs from the show.  All images and characters are the property of NBC and the show's creators. )

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  1. i didn't know that peter cullen voiced karr