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Cable Spaghetti - Setting up a Component Game Switch

I got my cable order from over the Christmas holiday. So tonight I've
rewired all my component capable video game consoles through a Gamestop switcher
so that I can have more inputs free on the tv and receiver.

The switch was about $20 at Gamestop and includes switchable plastic labels for popular consoles. It includes the main cables to connect AV, Component, and Stereo Audio up to your TV or receiver.

I hooked up mine to switch between, Wii, Original Xbox, and PSP component output.
I got all the cabling from Monoprice, and it was all very inexpensive. While the PSP cable's build quality wasn't the best, it works fine, and looks ok. I just noticed that the silver sleeves on the cables could slide off if you aren't careful. Of course once they're behind the entertainment center, who's going to notice.

I routed the whole batch into the Component 2 input on my TV, and then set one of the consoles on my Harmony remote. I programmed for the Wii, but then renamed the action "Game Switcher". Now I can hit one button to turn on the TV and Receiver and automatically switch to the right inputs, then I just have to power up a console and tap the right button on the switcher directly below the TV. Another nice feature of this switch, is that it has Ethernet support. So you don't have to run multiple cables from your router to the entertainment center. You can just run one to the switch, and then plug patch cables from the switch box to the consoles.

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