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Shameful Confessions

I have to admit it. I'm embarrassed to say it, but I'm really enjoying the new Knight Rider (2008) TV Series. I know it seems the reviews are all either "it's Awesome!" or "this is the dumbest hour long car commercial I've ever watched". The TV movie was kind of cool, but I think this new show will be better in the long run...they just need to figure out how to sell it to the audience.

The new KITT-stang is pretty sweet. I like the look, and I must be one of the only childhood fans who thinks KITT can be a muscle car now. A coworker complained that KITT shouldn't be a muscle car...that his original look was "stealthy". I think when I was a kid, I looked at KITT and thought it looked fast. I think the Mustang conveys that attitude, and makes it look modern, and more aggressive. Face it kids...pointy nosed sports cars aren't as popular as they once were.
I like Val Kilmer as the new voice of KITT. It took me a couple of episodes to stop looking for Mad Martigan. I went back and saw the TV movie after I had watched a couple of episodes of the series. I think what sold me on Kilmer for the voice of KITT was a scene where it called one of the characters on their cell phone to warn them of danger. They voice worked in context for the scene, and they hadn't used it while showing the car yet.

Turbo Boost is back. Yeah, I know it's completely goofy that the car can jump...but hey it was a cornerstone of the original series. At least now they've added some animation to try to sell the effect. KITT now has VTOL styled jet nozzles under the body. As a kid I always wondered how the stupid car could jump without a ramp...but we just suspended disbelief and tuned in the next week. They don't seem to be using this every at least it's not rediculous thus far.

The one thing that I hope they get rid of is the new "off road" mode. KITT should not turn into a truck. It's stretching too far to sell that effect. I can buy that the car can change into an beefier version for combat...that's mainly a styling change. The car stays the same size for that transformation. The turning into a truck thing has to go. I hope they just listen to the fans and quietly make that feature disappear partway through the season. Lets just never speak of it again.

At this point, the series is pretty fun and it entertaining me, so i'm going to keep watching and see how it goes. I'm hoping they listen to fans, fix a few things, and find a good pace before the end of the season. We'll see if it gets renewed for another season.

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