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Fort Wayne's First Annual Zombie Walk

Fort Wayne Zombie Walk 045, originally uploaded by macrogeek.

Zombies invaded downtown Fort Wayne today for the First Annual Zombie Walk.
The walk was organized by Ft. Wayne's Downtown Improvement District as part of their annual Downtown Fright Night celebration. 

It looked like we had over a hundred participants for this first ever Zombie Walk.  There were a lot of people in plain clothes tagging along or watching as well.  I thought it was a pretty good turn out considering it was about 50 degrees out.  Our Zombie Horde assembled by the library at 4 PM and took a half hour shambling walk around downtown before piling into the Grand Wayne Center.  There were some great costumes in the mob. 

I went along and took photos, and you can see them here on my Flickr account:

I also uploaded higher resolution versions to my Photrade account so that participants of this year's event can order  prints & merchandise:

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  1. Nice! I was watching Shaun of the Dead today.