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HDR Photo of Wells Street Bridge

Wells St Bridge in HDR
Originally uploaded by macrogeek

This morning I stopped on the way to work to shoot a few pics.
I explored this old wood and steel bridge near the southern end of Wells Street in Fort Wayne. I took 3 exposures using auto-bracketing at +/- 2 EV.
I was using a monopod instead of a tripod, because it's easier to pack in and out of the car for quick shots.

I assembled the HDR image using Qtpfsgui to create an EXR file and then tonemapped the HDR image down to JPEG. I used the Mantiuk preset for tonemapping.

I'm pretty happy with this result so far, except I think I need to crop it a bit. I'm probably going to reshoot it instead of doing more editing. I accidentally shot this at ISO 1600 instead of 100, and so at larger sizes the visual noise / grain is too apparent. Once I reshoot I'll post another copy.

I've only been using Qtpfsgui for about two weeks, I've assembled 4 or 5 High Dynamic Range images this way so far. This is one of the best images I've gotten thus far.

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