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Testing the New Camera

Originally uploaded by macrogeek

Well, I finally made the move to a DSLR camera.
I've been using my trusty Powershot G5 for years, and this has been a long needed upgrade. Since I got the G5, I've barely touched my film cameras since. The convenience of digital outweighed the loss of features from my trusty 35mm SLR's.

Since it's been 3 or 4 years since I've done any true photo projects other than shooting an occasional wedding, I'm going to be doing a lot more photography for myself. I'll give myself the occasional "assignment" or theme to work from, but mostly I'm just going to try to be shooting stuff that I enjoy more regularly.

I'll post whatever I find amusing and worth sharing to my Flickr account and blog the relevant images as well.

This one is one of the first daylight test shots I did with the new Rebel XTi. It was bright daylight, around 1/5000 of a sec exposure @ F5.6. This was the runoff stream from a fire hydrant being purged.

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