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Flip Video Ultra vs HDV178 Comparison Video

I've been working on short video clips for fun lately. The group I volunteer with at my church took notice and expressed an interest in getting a flash based camera similar to the Jazz Elite HDV178 I've been using. I steered them towards the Pure Digital Flip Ultra. We picked the Ultra because of it's more solid "candybar" style construction seemed more durable for use by the Middle School Students, and the onboard software will allow novices to use the camera without having to drag around driver discs and learn new editing software.

While I had access to both cameras, I took the opportunity to perform a somewhat unscientific test with them. I strapped the two cameras together with a rubber band and tried to align the lenses.
I then went outside and shot the same test clip using both cameras at once. I tried to roughly sync the footage using a sound cue. I then combined the resulting files in Vegas Pro 8. I've uploaded the comparison file to Revver. Now keep in mind that because I'm using a flash based site to showcase the video there is some degradation in quality when they compress the video, this comparison should mainly give you an idea of color saturation, contrast, and default aspect ratio.


She Loves those Muppets

Ever since we found those new Viral Muppet clips on YouTube, my daughter has become obsessed with watching Muppet clips on YouTube. (If you haven't found these videos yet, search YouTube for "VirMup" or see my previous post.)
She's especially fond of Beaker, who she lovingly refers to as MiMi. Now she's watched Beaker's Ode to Joy clip so many times she's developing a bit of a song and dance to go with it.

I set up my Jazz HDV178 on the desk the other night while she was watching YouTube and caught this. I especially like how partway through the clip the whispers "MiMi nooo" to warn Beaker of the disaster about to befall him. Does anyone else think her mischievous grin at the end is a little disturbing? She seems to derive an inappropriate amount of joy from Beaker's pain.