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SD Card Camcorder - Jazz Elite HDV178

EDIT: 6-11-08 - I posted a complete review with sample video and images here.

I picked up a Jazz Elite HDV178 camcorder at Wal-Mart yesterday.
It's a little cam with a 5MP sensor. The box touts it as 11MP through some kind of interpolation, for what that's worth.

I've been playing with it and so far I'm pretty impressed. I mean it has cheap optics, but the video looks pretty good. It's probably only slightly worse than my current MiniDV camcorder. Seems like a bargain for the $99 they're charging. Especially for the types of events where you wouldn't want to risk your good camera. I think it's perfect for any recording that's just going to put on YouTube, Vimeo, Revver, or any other Flash video service. I think this kind of camera might lends itself nicely to video podcasting.

It records to some version of H264 in a AVI container. I had to install a codec on my laptop to view it, and Quicktime on a Mac can't seem play it with the default codecs. My Vista box had no trouble playing it, so one of the codecs from the K-Lite Codec pack must have been able to handle it.

It can also take still images at 5MP, and will function as a voice recorder.

It came packed with conversion software that will let you transcode to other formats if needed, and burn DVD's, but I haven't bothered with it yet. I use Vegas Pro 8 for most of my video editing.

I'll do a more detailed review as I play with it more.

EDIT: 6-11-08 - Review is posted with sample video and images here:

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