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Video Game Trade Store in Fort Wayne

This post is for the CAG members in Ft. Wayne.

I went to Video Game Trade and checked out the place. It's next to Golden Corral on Lima Rd. They have a decent inventory and the manager seemed friendly. Prices seemed fair, nothing was way too expensive, I saw several good deals to be had on older titles.

Their trade policy is different from McVans and EB. They give you 50% of their selling price for a trade-in game. So if the used title sells for $40, they give you $20 in trade. This means it's a good place for trading several cheaper games for one newer one. If you're looking to trade one game for another and only pay a fee, then check McVan's instead. But if you want to unload a batch of games for titles of a different age, popularity or console, VGT looks like the place.

They had 2 Wii's in stock!

Here are some pics.

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