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I think this car is awesome. I've seen it out and about a couple of times, and took a picture yesterday when I saw it again. Depending on the model they're driven by a scooter or motorcycle engine. To get in, the front swings open like a refrigerator door.


Snapture - A Better Camera App for iPhone

Since I got the iPhone, I've been frustrated with the lack of a good 3rd party camera application. I mean the included app is ok, but it's not great. My biggest frustration is that sometimes when you tap the "take picture" icon, you wobble the phone just enough to make the picture blurry. There was another 3rd party application, but you had to pay for it. Sorry, but I'm a little hesitant to pay for a program that requires you to jailbreak your phone to use it. Heck, Apple could throw a wrench into that with the next system update, and there goes the app you paid for. I was also using 1Shoot for a while. It's a good, free program, and eliminates the button-pushing wobble by taking a picture only when the iPhone accelerometer says that your holding the phone steady. 1Shoot also has a burst-mode feature.

Snapture was released this week, and it has every feature I've been wanting in an iPhone camera replacement. It allows you to take pictures by tapping anywhere on the screen, or by tapping one of the volume buttons. It allows you to turn auto-rotate on or off, in case you want to take landscape or upside-down pictures. It also has burst-mode and greyscale support. It's a great application with a pretty interface, and it's free to use. You can donate via their site if you do like it.

You can check out the details here. If you want to install it, you'll need to Jailbreak your phone and then find it in the installer application under the Utilities section.


Video: Fix your NES by replacing the 72-pin connector

I recently replaced the 72-pin connector in my old 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System.
It's actually a fairly easy repair to do, and will fix the blinking red light problem almost every time.
I went ahead and filmed a tutorial video while I was at it to help anyone who might be looking at doing this repair for themselves. You can find replacement connectors on eBay for about $5 - $12.