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Video Game Deal - DS lunchbox and accessories

Southtown WalMart had this one. Lunchbox and accessory kit for $10.
Seems like a decent deal since it includes the tin, case, and a car
charger. They also had packages with a board games DS game or Elite Beat Agents and a similar accessory pack for $10. This package didn't include the tin lunchbox.
The Coldwater location didn't have this price on either kit.
I found the same accessory kit w/o a bundle, it included card cases, styli, screen protectors, DS Case, and car charger, and it's $20.


  1. Wow - that does look like a good deal. I have a DS...maybe I should look into that.

  2. I'm normally not interested in the crappy accessories in this pack, but the case and charger together are easily worth ten, and I'm a sucker for collectables like the Phantom Hourglass box.