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Old School - Sega Game Gear

So, as you may have noticed, I've been on a video game kick lately. Maybe it's due to the fact that I cleaned the garage last week and was reorganizing my stuff and going through my old gaming hardware. Regardless of the reason, I have the itch again. The one that makes me want to scrounge very old gaming consoles out of basements and pawn shops. During the peak of my addiction in college, I had a huge collection of Atari cartridges, but I sold them all when I moved. Well, I think I'm going too start collecting again. I mean I've always been trading and collecting odds and ends here and there, but I want to actually start actively looking for 5th generation and earlier hardware now. With the weather getting better, these old systems will start popping up at garage sales soon.

So, my first week back collecting, I found this:
If you're young enough that you've never seen one before, this is a Sega Game Gear. It's the 3rd color screen portable ever released. It was released just after the first gray scale Nintendo GameBoy. Basically it's a portable version of the Sega Master System, but with a slightly improved color palette. When I say "portable", read it as "luggable", because this thing weighs a couple of pounds, and is about a foot across. It runs for 4 to 5 hours on 6 "AA" batteries. Optionally, you can use that battery pack to power it. The battery pack is a slender lump the size of a cordless phone, and includes a stylish belt clip for added portability. (oooh, sexy) It looks great attached to your fanny pack. I got this from a guy at work. He had taken good care of it and had all the accessories except the battery pack. He even had manuals for all the games, and the jumbo magnifier lens that you can strap to the system.
I found the battery pack the next day at B&B Loan here in Ft. Wayne. It's a good pawn shop near the city building. I discovered it while checking a bin of accessories and controllers, and the folks there gave it to me for free because they didn't think it would sell. We'll see if it'll still hold a charge. I mean it's only 11 years should work, right?


  1. Young enough? Do you mean old enough? I totally remember when those came out. I had a gameboy myself, but friends of mine had the game gear.

  2. I was a GameBoy kid as well.
    But I meant young enough. I showed this to my stepson last night and he had no idea what it was. I think he thought it was a an analog tape recorder until he noticed the screen.

  3. Students at Taylor always come in to where I work and have no idea what these weird things are we have at our audio stations. I'm always like, "you mean the record player?"