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Music: Jonathan Coulton Rocks!

Have you played Portal? Did you enjoy the end credits song? It was written by niche geek musician Jonathan Coulton. He was a programmer who quit his day job to pursue becoming a musician. He started by publishing his "Thing a Week" blog that featured a new piece each week for a year to build his fan base. He's now touring and releasing albums. (and making funny songs for Valve Software) I've been listening to his stuff all week, and he's one of my new favorite artists. He also supports the Creative Commons license, which is really cool, because he's letting fans to a lot of non-commercial remixes and videos using his music.

You can check out his music here:

He has full length previews, so give the songs a listen. My favorites are:
Code Monkey
Shop Vac
Chiron Beta Prime
Creepy Doll
Someone is Crazy

His folk covers of "We Will Rock You" and "Baby Got Back" are good too.

He also has a lot of his material available on his Podcasts on iTunes. But if you listen, you'll end up liking his stuff, and buying a bunch of you were warned.

You can also click here to demand shows in your area: Eventful

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