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*@!?&* Commercials on Children's DVD's

To the people responsible for Barney DVD's:

You must not have kids, or you don't let your kids watch Barney DVD's. If you did have kids, you'd know how annoying it is when there are unskippable commercials at the beginning of a children's DVD. You obviously have never had to put on a toddler's favorite DVD only to listen them cry, whimper, or grunt at the screen as they sit through 3 screens of copyright information and two commercials about the educational value of Barney.

At least Elmo's World will allow you to use the FF button to run through the 1 commercial at 30x speed. Baby Einstein's newer disks don't forbid scene skipping the commercial. Maybe they got tired of listening to their own kids have a fit.

Just so you know...I'll be thinking about these commercials when I decide what to buy next...and it won't be the products promoted in the annoying commercial.

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