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Is that Sesame Street on your iPhone?

I have a confession to make.
I subscribe to the Sesame Street Podcast.
Yep, every time I show someone video on my iPod, I get that weird look when they see Sesame Street on the video menu. Wait, I can explain. I keep it on there for times when Marie is having a complete breakdown at a store, a restaurant, or in the car. Sesame Street always makes her happy. I think it's the Muppets that fascinate her. Maybe it's bad parenting, but it is educational...and it makes her happy.
I do love that Sesame Workshop has a handle on the "new media" market and sees the value in podcasting. I think it especially fits them since they're a PBS affiliate and Non-Profit organization. More groups need to see Podcasting as a valuable outlet for their media.

If you haven't had a chance to see the Podcast, it's titled "Word on the Street" and his hosted by a muppet named Murray. The episodes are only a few minutes long, and focus on teaching the meaning of one word. They feature a guest celebrity interspersed with clips from Sesame Street that relate to the word of the day. I find it's perfect for when your toddler is needs their kid's show fix, but you don't want to get them started watching TV for a half hour.

If you're not an iPod owner, you can watch podcasts on the computer too, or any video player, it doesn't have to be an iPod. You just need a way to download and convert the video. I'm using iTunes to download and watch on the computer, and the iPhone when we're on the go.

If you have kids, check it out at:

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