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How To Mobile Blog using an iPhone and Blogger

I've had a few people ask me how I'm doing mobile posts from my iPhone to Blogger.
So I thought I'd write instructions for you.

Option 1: Use Blogger Mobile. This service is actually geared for cell phones more than Smart Phones or PDA's, so it works via SMS (text messaging). To set up an account click here.
You can create a new mobile blog, or you can use the "claim token" Blogger sends you to link your mobile phone to your current Blogger. In this method, you'll just text your posts to the address Blogger provides, and they ID your phone from it's address and route your content to the right blog.

Option 2: Use e-mail posting. This is the option I'm using, because e-mail on the iPhone is free, and is a bit more feature rich than SMS.

The following steps should be done from your PC or Mac desktop using your web browser. You don't need to be on your iPhone yet.

1. Log into your Blogger account. Click on "Settings".
2. Under Settings click on the "E-mail" tab.
3. Look at the second option. "Mail-To-Blogger Address".
4. Fill in the blank section of the address. Blogger provides the first part. This should be something that is very hard to guess. The end result will look like. "". Write this down.
5. Check the radio button for "Publish emails immediately".
6. Hit Save Settings.

Now get out your iPhone. (This will also work with other devices that have e-mail capability, but you'll have to adapt the instructions to fit the device.)

1. From your Home Screen, hit the "Phone" icon.
2. Inside the Phone app, hit "Contacts". (lower center of screen)
3. From the "All Contacts" screen hit the "+" button in the upper-right.
4. From the "New Contact" screen tap "First Last".
5. Name this contact "Blog Post" or something you can remember. Hit Save.
6. This takes us back to the contact screen for "Blog Post". Tap "Add new Email".
7. From the "Edit Email" screen, enter the address you wrote down above. Hit Save.

You're done. Now anytime you want to post to the blog, just start a fresh e-mail and send it to the "Blog Post" contact. The subject of the e-mail becomes the post subject, and the body of the email becomes the post text.

I've had success sending pictures as attachments too. To forward pictures, go to the picture you want to send. Tap so the controls come up on screen, and hit the icon in the lower left. It looks like a square with a rounded arrow in the middle. An options screen will come up. The option to "Email Photo" is there. Be advised, I've talked to some other bloggers who are using Blogger on custom domain names (like ""), and photo posting does not seem to work correctly. For some reason the photo links are broken. If you're using a Blogger subdomain, (like "") it works perfectly.


  1. I'm curious if you might be able to offer a suggestion.
    I'm trying to e-mail photos from my iphone to my blogger page:

    Every time, the photo goes through, but doesn't show up because it has a broken link (blue box with question mark). I've tried to erase the text below the photo (as suggested by other help boards) with no luck.

    My e-mail client for this (through my iphone) is Yahoo.

    Anyone have a suggestion?

    Please, send me a message at

    Thanks in advance for any and all help!

  2. Looks like you fixed your problem by using GMail instead of Yahoo. Seems like the problem is caused by how Yahoo parses e-mailed photos.

    Perhaps you should set up a second e-mail account on the phone just for e-mailing the photos from the iphone.

    You can still use both accounts at the same time.

  3. That's exactly what I did and it works great! It's really not that much of a problem to switch default e-mail under settings, e-mail the photo, then switch back to the default yahoo. In any case, thanks for responding. Hopefully, others will find this shortcut helpful.

  4. Thanks, I've been using Yahoo Mail to send the photos and now I just have to switch it to Gmail. Do you know how I can switch it? It automatically uses Yahoo Mail to send pictures.

  5. The photo application will always use the default e-mail account. So whichever one you set as the default in the System settings will be the handler for your pictures.
    I'd make Gmail the default.
    You can still use your Yahoo account, and when you reply to messages in the Yahoo inbox, the iPhone mail client will default to using the Yahoo address for those replies.

  6. .Mac/me will soon be Push email so (so long as you're a member) you can just use that. AIM posts photos OK as well.

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  8. I can easily post photos to my blog using iPhone, but the text I add in the body is disappearing. Any suggestion how to solve this problem?

  9. Really helpful, thanks so much!

  10. Many thanks for your clear and very helpful instructions. I look forward to being able to help someone else now.

  11. Is there any way to start it on your phone? Or do you have to start it on the computer?