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Crysis system requirements aren't that bad

I keep seeing people complain about the system requirements for
Crysis. I just finished playing through it and I have to say I don't
think the requirements are that steep. Sure they require a relatively current machine. But it doesn't need to be top of the line. Just newer than 2 years old. This seems a reasonable expectation for a PC Gamer.

My first thought is that people are misunderstanding the detail
settings. Don't look at the requirements and benchmarks and write the
game off because it you can't run it at high detail. There is a lot of
room built into this game for upcoming video cards and multi GPU
systems. Keep in mind that even the low detail settings on Crysis are
better looking than the high settings for last year's titles. My system can run it on medium and it
looks georgeous. For reference I'm running on Vista (and taking a slight performance hit from the OS) using a Core 2 Duo 2.3 GHz, 2 GB of RAM and a Geforce 8600GTS. The CPU is probably overkill but the 8600GTS is a great budget gaming card. I found it on Newegg for $150 and it came with a free game and a $30 mail in rebate. They should be even cheaper soon with the new Geforce 9's shipping. We tried the demo at work with a 8600GT and it also could run at medium detail fine at 30FPS or more.

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