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Convert your DivX, XviD, iPod videos to DVD with DVDFlick

Here's another cool little Open Source tool every videophile should have.
DVD Flick is a DVD authoring and burning tool. It can take almost any common video file format and create a DVD from it that is viewable on a normal DVD player. First things first, DVD Flick doesn't break copy protection. You can't use it to burn your iTunes or Windows Media DRM'ed movies to disc. It will however convert common file types like MPEG 2 or 4, DivX or XviD MPEG4 variants in AVI containers, iPod or iPhone converted files in M4V containers. DVD Flick is multithreaded / hyperthreaded, so if you have a dual-core CPU, it'll perform very well.

DVD Flick has a very easy to use no-frills interface. If you've used other DVD Authoring programs it should be very common sense. There is a very helpful "How To" guide included with the installer and accessible from the main screen using the "Guide" button.

To create a disc in DVD Flick:
  • Create a new project.
  • Hit "Add Title" and add movie files to the disc. (watch the meter to see when your disc is getting full)
  • Click Project Settings and make sure to set the Region correctly. If you in North America you want NTSC not PAL.
  • While you're still in Project Settings decide whether you want to output the DVD project files to a folder on your hard drive, or to just burn direct to a blank DVD.
  • Hit Accept.
  • Back on the main screen, click "Make DVD".

Now wait a few hours (depending on your CPU) and presto, you have a finished DVD that should autoplay in your DVD player. DVD Flick doesn't do fancy menus, the disc just jump straight to the first title and start playing.

I've been using DVD Flick to burn my recorded TV shows to DVD. I've used GB-PVR or Windows Media Center to record over the air broadcasts of TV shows to my hard drive. When I want to keep something for later, or to watch on my portable media players, I compress them to MPEG4. For my Zen Vision:M i prefer to use iRiverter to convert to XviD compatible AVI. For the iPhone, I use Handbrake to get H264 encoded M4V files. Either way I can smash the MPEG2 files my TV capture card records down to 1/2 or 1/3 their original size. It makes it much easier to keep memorable TV episodes or movies around. DVD Flick has been handy when I need to be able to watch these shows on a plain old DVD player instead of the computer or portable.

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