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Create Your Own iPhone Ringtones for Free

It turns out you don't have to pay to make your own Ringtones for your iPhone.
Assuming you already have your own original music or sound file you want to use, you can convert it using a little iTunes magic.

Create your file in MP3 format. It needs to be 30sec or less.
Import the file into your iTunes library. You can check the "keep my library organized" option to make it auto import when you play files. Or just drag and drop the file onto your library.

Now in the Preferences -> Advanced tab in iTunes, select the Importing options. Change the default encoder to AAC instead of MP3 or Apple Lossless.

Find your file in the library. Right click on it and hit the "Convert to AAC" menu option.
A new file is created with the extention ".M4a" this is MPEG4 Audio in the Apple AAC encoded format.
Right click on the new file and hit "show in explorer". This will open a new window that shows where the file is on your hard drive.
Drag the file to your desktop.
Now you will need to have the "show extensions of known file types" option checked in your view options. (windows Help will take you there if you search)
Rename the file's extension from ".M4A" to "M4R". You have just turned the file into a Ringtone.
Drag it back into iTunes or double click to play it. Once it's added to your library, it will show up in your Ringtones section of your iTunes Library and can be synced to your iPhone.

I did this last night with the latest version of iTunes and the newest iPhone firmware and had no problems.

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