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Mobile blogging with my iPhone

I know I've been slacking and haven't blogged in months. I'm hoping to
change that in the near future. Today I finally got my iPhone. I'm
going give mobile blogging a shot. I've set up the email post
option on my blogger account and then created a contact for it on my
iPhone. This should make it easy to thumb in a quick post now and
then. Here is a picture I took tonight using the iPhone camera.

[Edit 2-20-08, I've noticed some people clicking in to this post from various sites. Just to let you know, I've written a more detailed bit on iPhone blogging in a new post here.]


  1. Hmmm, I've tried posting to blogger from my iPhone and can't get it to work -- any advice you have would be appreciated. I'm searching the web for help but haven't found any solutions yet -- you're the first person I've found with actual proof :-)

    I updated my blogger Email settings and stored the email blogging address to my iPhone. I took a pic and selected to email it, then selected the blogging email address. I also wrote a couple sentences before sending the email.

    The email text is posted, but the photo link is broken:

    The image source in the post edit mode shows: img src="cid:2F6A03CD-E657-4704-B186-849AFF37DEE0"/>

    Any thoughts on why this isn't working?

  2. I'm wondering if it has to do with your custom URL, or if it's something wrong with the e-mail formatting.

    Try sending an e-mail from a normal desktoop computer. Keep the image small. See if that works. If it does, we know it's something about how your iPhone sent the message, or how that e-mail account handles attachments.

    I assume it's a picture you took w/ your iPhone camera? Not a picture in your Photos section that you're mailing. I do know Blogger has a file size cap for e-mail posts. I think it's 10MB.

  3. I'm no programmer, but I think your blog is trying to link to the picture on some kind of address for the phone, like it was a text message or something. Thus the CID link instead of IMG SRC. I don't find a blogger setting for this. Are you publishing to Blogger, or just using the Blogger interface to post to your own FTP server. I'm guessing it's because Blogger is automatically storing my images for me. Your account may be expecting you to push the images into a FTP folder and then link to them.

  4. Thanks for all of your help -- I found a post on Blogger's help boards last night noting there is a known issue with iPhone photo posting. They didn't provide much detail but it seemed to be the issue I'm having.

    I used my desktop to send an email and photo for posting, and it worked. I'm using Blogger to host my blog, so nothing is published to a different ftp server. It's definetly something with my iPhone and/or using a custom domain name.

    Hopefully, they will fix the issue soon. Thanks again for your help!

  5. if it helps at all I am typing my post above the picture on the iphone mail app. Blogger is automatically formatting the post below the image.