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Metroid Prime 3

So...I've had Metroid Prime 3 for about a month or so. I haven't had a lot of time
to play, so it keep leaving it for a week and coming back.

This game is pretty much the best thing I've played on the Wii. The controls feel completely natural, and it's very immersive. They fixed most of the issues I hated about Metroid Prime 1&2.
An the story really draws you in on this one. The addition on multiple characters to interact with really helps sell the plot. I always had an issue with how lonely the Metroid games were. I think the Zelda and Half-Life franchises work with silent protagonists because of the amount of interaction you have with other characters. I think Metroid Prime 3 and Metroid Fusion have both taken a note from this and given you more NPC's to interact with to help move the story and keep you going in the right direction.

This game does have a good balance between the story moving forward, while not keeping the adventure completely on rails. There are plenty of opportunities to sidetrack, but you'll get prompted with the next objective if you stray too far.

I like the new weapons assortment. This game uses the same system as Metroid Fusion. New weapons stack on the old ones, but you can't turn them on and off at will. For example once you get Plasma, it's permanently added to your Charge Beam, when you get Ice Missiles, all missiles gain the freeze damage. This means you don't have to have two different managment schemes for beams and visors like in Metroid Prime 1. This time around, it's just visors on a gesture menu brought up by the "-" button, there is only one optional beam weapon, and you don't have to access a menu for it. You just hold "+" to invoke it.

I could go on more...but for now I'd say it's one of my picks for "must have" Wii titles.
(the second being RE4: Wii Edition)

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