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Like Monkeyball? Try Neverball

I found this one recently while trying out freeware and open-source games.

Neverball is based around the same concept as Monkeyball and other various arcade games. You tilt a playing field to steer a ball through various obstacles, bonus items, and into a goal.

This one runs beautifully on the PC, even with basic video hardware. The mouse or arrow keys are used for the tilt controls. Unfortunately, you cannot map joystick controls. I'm hoping that comes in a future version. The graphics are simple, but look great. Mouse control is nice, but it is very sensitive, which takes some getting used to...but some of the later levels need fine tuned controls.

My favorite feature is the included optional game "NeverPutt" which uses the same game engine to play miniature golf.
This is a great game for when you have 5 or 10 minutes to kill.

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