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DVD vending machines? Redbox dvd.

Scott's grocery stores in Ft. Wayne has installed Redbox DVD rental machines in all their stores. From what I hear, RedBox is owned by McDonalds.

I heard you could get a free rental online, so we decided to give it a go. We went to and supplied an e-mail address. They e-mailed a rental code to me. It's good for one day. You still have to swipe your credit card at the machine so that they can charge you if you return it late or not at all.

The machines are simple enough. You pick a movie on the touchscreen, swipe your card, and supply your e-mail address. (You only have to enter your e-mail links it to your card from then on) Your movie gets spit out the slot on the side of the machine, and you're done.

Redbox rentals are $1 per day. ($1.06 w/ tax)
If you're late they just charge for the extra days when you check the movie back in.
If you keep it more than 25 days, they charge you $25 and you own the movie.
We tend to impulse rent and then take the movie back the next day, so it's much cheaper for us than renting from Hollywood or Blockbuster.

We did have some trouble with our first rental skipping on our player due to light scratches and smudges on the disk. We were able to clean it and see the rest of the movie w/ no problems.

So to sum up...

Daily Rate for short rentals
Many return locations (can return to any kiosk in town)

Scratched disks
May not be as economical for long rentals.


  1. I heard about this starting up a couple years ago. A buddy of mine did a huge road trip out to California and back. They ended up stopping at McDonalds, renting DVDs, watching them on their laptops and then returning them the next day. Seemed like a pretty good deal. I've really wondered about how scratched up they are.

  2. I was charged over $25 when one of their machines went down. I wasn't able to return the videos I rented. When I finally returned them they charged me late fees. The plus is they did credit them back, however the unexpected charge caused me overdraft fees in my account, which they are not willing to refund.