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Movie Review - The Last Man on Earth

I got a chance to sit down with our cranky baby today and watch this movie while rocking her to sleep. (don't worry, I use small rocks) My stepson took a homework break and starting watching about halfway through. I was suprised to see a black and white movie catch his attention. He even admitted that he enjoyed the film.

The Last Man on Earth features Vincent Price (classic horror & sci-fi star, and the guy who does the voiceover in the Thriller video). Vincent plays Robert, the "Last Man on Earth", following a plague that wipes out humanity and turns the deceased into not just zombies...but vampire zombies. From what I can find, I guess this film's protrayal of weak, stupid, shambling vampires helped shape the zombie genre, and influenced the work of George Romero.

The movies starts by introducing us to Robert's normal daily routine, then treats us to a flashback of his life leading up to the end of the world. We then pick back up in zombieland and see events play out as Robert encounters some things that change his daily grind.

All in all, I think it was worth watching. The plot isn't terrible, there's some decent exploration of character, and I had a couple of laughs at the ease with which Robert shoves vampires around. I guess they're not very strong...what with the being dead and all.

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