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GameTZ: Trade video games for free

I've been trading video games on a site called GameTZ for about 7 years now.
GameTZ originally started as a simple hand edited site, where people listed their haves and wants with the help of a moderator. I joined on the recommendation of a friend shortly after they started the first online database version of the site.

GameTZ is free. You can pay to subscribe and get some bonus features, but registering and verifying your account will get you all the features you need to start trading. You set up an account here: and then create lists of the games you have, and the games you want. The database then can generate a list of matches or possible trades for you that you can browse. You find what you think looks like a fair trade, and can send a trade offer through the system to another user. They will receive a notification, and then will accept, decline, or make you a counter offer. When you both accept a deal, the system will send you each the other party's mailing info. When you receive your game, you log into the site and confirm you received the item, and leave feedback for the other user.

Obviously, any kind of barter system on the internet has it's risk of fraud, but I've been trading on GameTZ for 7 years and have not had a problem yet. It helps that you can see a user's feedback before you negotiate a deal. New traders with low feedback usually have to prove themselves by sending their items before the other user for their first few trades.

I've found this site invaluable for my Bargain Bin Gaming needs. I always hate shelling out cash for new releases. With GameTZ, If I have purchaed a new release I can usually finish it and still be able to trade it for other recent titles.

Other features that are noteworthy:
Forums for discussion and for buying / selling / trading.

User listing pages. You can use them to show unregistered users your have/want list.

User details pages show trade history, feedback, and instant messenger usernames.

Game listings aggregate game information from various sites so you can click on icons to see average pricing to get an idea what a trade is worth, orwhether you'd want to just buy it outright. They also include links to review sites so you can see if it's a game you would like.

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